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Ohio Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Law

Ohio Revised Code 2925.04

If you have been charged with, or are being investigated for, the crime of manufacturing or cultivating drugs in the State of Ohio you need immediate representation.  The State of Ohio through its police officers, prosecutors, and judges take this crime very seriously.  You are seen by many as being the source of all drug related problems.  As such you need to hire an attorney that know exactly what they are doing and how to defend you.

I can do the following for you:

  • Contact the investigating agency and see if you can arrange for your charges not to be filed

  • Contact the prosecuting attorney and do the same

If charges have been filed against you I will:

  • Review ALL the evidence that the police and prosecutors say that they have against you

  • Contact all witnesses that the police and prosecutors are trying to use against you. Many times people are put in situations where they may want to frame you. This is not your fault and we can address that on your behalf.

  • We will contest the State's scientific evidence by having all the relevant evidence tested by an independent drug lab

It is important that your attorney has the ability to understand exactly what is happening in these types of cases and how they are different from normal possession or trafficking cases.  In most cases the cultivation or manufacturing of a schedule I or II drug (cocaine, LSD, crack, heroin, etc) will be a felony of the second degree with a mandatory prison sentence.  On top of this you can face many other sanctions and these cases almost always carry with them other charges that must be defended.