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Criminal Charge:  Dismissed!

Guardianship:  Terminated!

Mom & daughter:  Reunited!

The paternal grandmother of my client's four year old daughter falsified an Application for Guardianship in order to insure my client could not defend against losing custody of her daughter.  The grandmother then had my client arrested for Interference with Custody based on that fraud.  She spent a night in jail for something she never knew occurred.

I first took the guardianship to trial.  The probate court found that the grandmother had perpetrated a fraud on the Court.  The Court also found that the grandmother's actions in causing the criminal prosecution was unconscionable.

The criminal charge was then dismissed.

It took us about four hours and required the cooperation of two police departments in order to find the missing daughter and reunite her with her mother.


The Rights of Grandparents in Ohio

The Rights of Parents in Ohio

I am the parent and my children's grandparent is trying to take custody!

It is critical you call now!

The grandparents are quite a bit ahead of you already



The United States Supreme Court is on your side!

The United States Supreme Court agreed with the State of Washington's Supreme Court, agreeing that the Constitution permits a state to interfere with the right of parents to rear their children only to prevent harm or potential harm to a child.  In the court case Troxel v. Granville, they severely limited a state's ability to allow grandparents to wrestle custody of their grandchildren from their parents.  I have a PDF file of the case.  If you read it, you will see the Court spend paragraph after paragraph reaffirming your right to your child!  The case can be found here.

The Ohio Supreme Court is on your side!

Ohio has said that In a child custody proceeding between a parent and a nonparent, the hearing officer may not award custody to the nonparent without first making a finding of parental unsuitability that is, without first determining that a preponderance of the evidence shows that one of the following is true:

  •  the parent abandoned the child;

  • the parent contractually relinquished custody of the child;

  • the parent has become totally incapable of supporting or caring for the child;

  • That an award of custody to the parent would be detrimental to the child.

The case can be found here.

What are your facts?

Does the grandparent have evidence your kids are in harms way?  Can they push paper across the table that shows you have jeopardized those kids?  If so, we have a battle on our hands.  Otherwise, if the grandparents just think they can do a better job of raising the kids than you can, our argument will be easier.

Please call me and we can discuss the case.  If the grandparents have filed, we need to act now.  Don't delay!

Grandparents can try to wrestle custody away from parents in a number of ways.

  • They can apply for custody through juvenile court.

  • They can apply for a guardianship out of probate court.

  • They can use social service contractors to try to pull the kids away.  These are organization like 696-KIDS in Cuyahoga County.  Grandparents can initialize complaints and stoke those fires into infernos, trying to get the County to take the kids.

But I have been challenged in my life!

If you have had problems, call me.  It is important that we start a program to protect you, showing those problems are behind you and you are now back full time.  Even if your parents get the kids, we can start a program that will allow you to recover yourself and then recover the kids.

Call me:  440-777-1177


Grandparent attacks children's mother -- Mom keeps the kids

My client was demonized when she left Ohio with her children while her husband was terminally ill.  She was the lead story on one of the evening news broadcasts:  Mother kidnaps children!!  Dying dad denied kids!!  Poppycock!

REMEMBER THIS:  The word "news" has nothing to do with the words "truth" or "justice".  "News" sells advertizing.  I will speak "truth" for you.  Unless we do this right, "Justice" will be a toss up.

The real story was that when her husband became ill, my client was unable to care for herself and the kids.  She had been a stay-at-home Mom to four kids, ages seven to three.  She moved to out of state, to where her family lived.  They took her and the kids in so that she could get her legs under her again.

Her husband called and felt his condition had worsened and asked to see the kids.  She immediately left for Ohio and provided him with a great deal of visitation.  But while here, his family moved to take the kids.  First, they filed legal papers trying to get custody.  Second, they took her van and refused to get it for her.  Third, for the second time they physically took the kids from her.  The police became involved and forced the grandparent to turn the kids over to the mother.  She had enough!  She went back home to her out-of-state relative.

A legal battle was waged in the domestic relations court until her husband passed.  The case was closed.  She kept custody of her children.