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Ohio School Disciplinary Hearings

Schools will attempt to dissuade you from bringing an attorney to a disciplinary hearing that involves your child.  The reason is simple.  The attorney will look out for your child's rights!

Here's how a disciplinary hearing often goes bad:

  • The student's past history, even if stellar, is often ignored (they are there to prosecute your child)

  • Schools have strict disciplinary policies regarding at least:

    • Guns

    • Drugs

    • Crimes of violence

    • Bullying

  • Schools can pressure students much more easily without an attorney present

  • Schools disciplinary hearings are adversarial in nature.  They are prosecutions!

  • What is revealed at these hearings can and will be used against your child in a court of law

  • Schools can lie

  • Law enforcement can lie (SEE THIS PAGE)

  • Law enforcement officers are often brought in to intimidate the student

  • Schools cannot be

    • Arbitrary

    • Capricious

Your child has the right to

  • Your child has the right to due process

  • Fair notice

  • Legal representation (some say only for long-term suspensions or expulsions

Zero-tolerance policies are dangerous processes that can have a significant impact on your child.

Please read an article by the American Bar Association on this subject:

ABA Article about School Disciplinary Hearings

That same article in a printable format

Using the school to investigate crime

It is also not unusual for a school to hold an "informal" hearing outside the presence of parents and attorneys for the purpose of gathering evidence.  This process should result in a vigorous objection to those responsible in the school, the school administrative officials, the school board and the prosecutor who now benefits from the school's cooperation.

Call me

Give me a call and we can discuss your particular facts and whether you should have representation.  The call is free.  But, know that due to the factors listed above, I will almost always suggest you have representation.