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Ohio Sexual Pandering Law

People who have been charged with, or are being investigated for, Pandering Obscenity (Ohio Revised Code 2907.32 and it's subsections) need immediate representation to protect themselves and those close to them. Pandering Obscenity is a very complex crime that has many different forms. What this means is Pandering Obscenity can also be called Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor, Pandering Sexually Oriented Material Involving a Minor, Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material or performance. These crimes are all considered sex crimes and have significant penalties that will have a detrimental impact upon the rest of your life.   This includes the ability to gain employment, where you can live, whether or not you are registered on the internet as a sex offender.

At a minimum a conviction of pandering labels you a Tier I sex offender.  It requires annual registration for fifteen years.  If a minor is involved the penalties are significantly worse.

In order for  a defense attorney to defend an individual charged with any of the Pandering Crimes he or she needs to immediately begin interviewing witnesses, the police who investigated the alleged crime, reviewing each and every document as it relates to the alleged crime and engage in other investigation. A basic understanding of how the criminal material is stored, kept, and transferred is essential to any attorney who hopes to defend an individual from an allegation that they committed Pandering Obscenity.

This crime is often called “Child Porn”. Society generally looks at this as one of the most serious offenses an individual can commit – the exploitation of children. People vote people into government that will use a heavy hand against those who violate these laws. If you have been charged with Pandering Obscenity, or any of its varieties, you need to hire an attorney or law firm that is not afraid to stand up to the government and challenge its evidence.

I have years of experience working with and for the government. I was a police officers prior to starting my defense practice. I understand computers.  I've written and sold computer programs.  I am familiar with the electronics involved.  I know what to look for in an investigation and I have a complex understanding of exactly how to defend an individual that has been charged with one of these crimes.

If you are being investigated, or you have been charged, with one of these crimes you need to contact me immediately. I offer free initial consultation.