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Ohio Speeding Law

I have had years of experience with cases involving the speed of a motorist and have developed a rich understanding of how one should go about the process of defending you from a speeding ticket.Traffic ticket attorneys - Traffic ticket lawyers

It is important to remember your rights.  The right to remain silent is one of your most important rights.

You right to remain silent - click here

An officer may approach you and ask, "Where are you going in such a hurry?"  Don't admit to speeding by telling the officer where you're going, that you are in a hurry or that you do not know how fast you were going.  Almost anything you say is going to be used by the government as an admission you are speeding.  It is highly likely you are being recorded by video and voice recorder.  That answer will be played at your trial.  You have the right to be silent.  Invoke your right!  If you were not speeding, say, "Officer, I do not believe I was speeding."  Do not argue with the officer and make sure you are as polite as possible.  If you contest the speeding ticket in court the State of Ohio will have this police officer testify to the things that you say, and the manner in which you behaved.  The State will be represented by an attorney who has reviewed your case and is prepared to move against you.

Is it worth hiring an attorney for a speeding ticket?  Quite possibly!

There are many financial and social reasons you might wish to hire an attorney.  Sometimes it just helps to have someone who knows how to handle these matters assisting you.  Financially, it might make sense for ysu to hire an attorney if this speeding ticket will move you past the twelve points.  For example, you are allowed to have up to twelve points assessed against your license in two years.  Those points are assessed against your license based on the degree of the charge.  Once you reach twelve points you are automatically placed under a driving suspension and are no longer able to use your vehicle in order to travel to and from work, at least without special permission, or to pick up your children, to visit your friends, to travel on vacation or to go to school.

Ohio Point System - click here

Prior to reaching the twelve point mark there is another financial reason to avoid having points assessed against you.  Insurance companies will routinely use your driving record to determine whether or not your rates should increase or whether or not they should terminate your coverage all together.  As you can see there are reasons that an individual such as yourself, or a loved one, might wish to contest a speeding charge.

Speeding charges are difficult to win.  Yes, there are all sorts of manuals and information on the Internet.  But in the end the state will present its case, presenting what it beleives is true.  Its witness, the police officer, will be prepared.  You have to be prepared, too.

Speeding charges can be complex and difficult to win.  People all over the Internet claim gimmicks and tricks to defeat a speeding charge.  If you choose to contest a speeding ticket alone you will be alone in the courtroom and the State, represented by an attorney, will present its case and evidence against you.  The State will make sure that it is prepared to prosecute you: they will have met with each witness to review the evidence, they will have their evidence ready.  They will be prepared. You need to be prepared too.

Do not choose an attorney that does not know anything about the complexities of your case.  In selecting an attorney find out what they know about the various tools used by police officers: radar, laser, aircraft, etc.  Attorneys that have an understanding of how these tools are used are better able to assist you in your defense. For example, laser devices is not just a device you point-and-shoot.  The police officers must make sure that the unit is properly calibrated and tested in accordance with the very specific rules on doing so.  If the unit has been repaired all repairs must be done by a proper authority and documented correctly.  Traffic conditions and the type of device used can impact the reliabilty of the reading.  Defending yourself from a speeding ticket is far more than an Internet gimmick.  It requires an attorney that actually has an understanding of this area of the law.