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Ohio Truck Law / No Through Trucks

Like many things in law, you can violate a number of ordinances with the same act. Driving a truck on a residential street is a good example. You will often end up violating both municipal and state codes. You will end up violating a code that prohibits you from being overweight. You will violate a code that prohibits the truck from using the non-truck road as a through route. You will violate a code that demands you only take the most direct route to your delivery. There may be more and varied sections. Each of these violations has a different penalty section.  Some have large fines. Some apply points against your CDL.

Cops aren't singling out truckers. The residents of a city complain about them and the cops respond. Cops know that the citizens want them to enforce the no truck ordinances.

The solution is to stay on an Ohio State Route until you are as close to your destination as possible. Only then should you venture off that route onto the no truck route in order to get to your destination.

You can hedge your bets. You can call the municipality's police department. When the other person says hello, your first question is “May I get your name, please?” You write that down along with the date, time and phone number you called. You then ask the best route to your destination. Transcribe that to your notes. Now you have a record and if stopped, are more likely to be warned if the person giving you the advice was mistaken.

You received a ticket for being on a “no truck” route? Give me a call and I'll try to sort out what you ended up with. Certainly if you have a point violation, you need some advocacy. PLEASE: Be sure to save a copy of your bill of lading, delivery slip or whatever else can be used to show why you were on the street.  Remember, while you may be guilty of the offense on the citation, there might be another offense with fewer implications to your license.