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For Ohio visitors who have been arrested for a crime in Ohio

When a person is charged with a violation of law while visiting Ohio, their troubles are compounded.  Not only do they need to get home, the effects of what is happening here, how they will affect your life back home, how to get your life back to normal sometimes work differently than they would for an Ohio resident.


You have the right to bond.  Because you are not from Ohio, different rules may be used.

Bond is your assurance that you will appear in court.  In the case of a traffic ticket, that bond can be as simple as your signature on a citation.  That signature is your promise that you understand you must take action.  For other crimes, you may sit in jail until such time as a magistrate or judge reviews your case and sets bond.  Different law enforcement agencies, different allegations and different courts all come together to make the issue of out-of-state bond confusing.

Many jurisdictions, perhaps most jurisdictions, recognize that your fleeing without taking care of your Ohio problem will result in severe consequences back home.  If you ignore what happened here in Ohio, you will likely face the suspension of your home-state driver's license.  Ohio reports to most other states the fact that you skipped out on your problem.

Other jurisdictions require a cash bond you might not have available to secure your appearance.  In that case you are brought before a judge as soon as the judge has the time to attend to your problem.  On a three day weekend that might mean four or more days.

Arraignment and the effect of your plea

At an arraignment the charges are read and you have the opportunity to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest.  Should you plead not guilty, you will normally receive a date and time for a pretrial meeting to discuss your case.  It is at the arraignment that your attorney begins his or her work.

About arraignments - click here

Effect of a plea, click here


Pretrials are meetings between you and the State to discuss the case.  The parties (you) must appear.  For this reason pretrial can become costly.  You often must travel back and forth to attend these meetings.  Your attorney has much work to do and must strive to do it quickly to minimize your cost.  Sometimes a solution is worked out in pretrial that allows the case to be settled.


After what may be a number of pretrials, a trial is held.  Depending on the charge, a trial can be a quick twenty minute affair.  For example, a speeding ticket trial requires the officer's testimony to prove the State's case and perhaps your testimony in defense.

A jury trial is often a multi-day affair requiring your attorney to pick a jury, interrogate the State's case and then provide you with a proper defense.

Your Interface

The interface between you and your attorney and then the courts will determine how efficient the process of defending you proceeds.  It is vitally important that the communication link between you and your attorney be open as possible.  Much needs to be done.  It must be done efficiently.


If you need immediate advice, call now.  I will make every effort to either take your call or call you back as soon as I can.

It is not required that you take a day off work to meet with me.  I will make every effort to schedule appointments that work with your schedule.

I serve all of Northeastern Ohio

I serve all of Northeast Ohio's Courts of Common Pleas, including Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Lorain County Court of Common Pleas, Medina Court of Common Pleas, Summit County Court of Common Pleas, Geauga County Court of Common Pleas, Portage County Court of Common Pleas, Lake County Court of Common Pleas, Erie County Court of Common Pleas, Sandusky County Court of Common Pleas and Huron County Court of Common Pleas.

I serve all of Cuyahoga County's municipal courts, including Bedford Municipal Court, Berea Municipal Court, Cleveland Municipal Court, Cleveland Heights Municipal Court, East Cleveland Municipal Court, Euclid Municipal Court, Garfield Heights Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court, Lyndhurst Municipal Court, Parma Municipal Court, Rocky River Municipal Court, Shaker Heights Municipal Court, and South Euclid Municipal Court.

In Lorain County I serve the Avon Lake Municipal Court, Elyria Municipal Court, Lorain Municipal Court, Oberlin Municipal Court, Vermillion Municipal Court. In Medina County I serve Medina Municipal Court and Wadsworth Municipal Court. In Huron County I serve the Huron Municipal Court, Vermillion Municipal Court and Sandusky Municipal Court.

In Summit County and Portage County I serve the Akron Municipal Court, Barberton Municipal Court, Stow Municipal Court and Portage Municipal Court. In Lake County I serve the Mentor Municipal Court, Painesville Municipal Court and Willoughby Municipal Court. In Geauga County I serve the Chardon Municipal Court.