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About Divorce



Ohio is a no fault divorce state.  That means that no matter who is the bad actor in the relationship, the court really doesn't care.  That is harsh.  When one of the parties of a divorce is a really bad actor--they have cheated, stolen, beaten, abused and in so many other ways taken advantage of the other party--you would think that that bad actor should be punished for his or her abuse.  It doesn't work that way.


Divorce puts 50% of the marital assets in the hands of one party and 50% of the marital assets in the hands of the other party.   In almost every case, a finalized divorce disappoints both spouses.  Both spouses feel they have been cheated.




While getting divorced is a miserable experience, it does not have to be difficult.  Click on the above link to learn how it can be easy and how things can act to make divorce hard.




Divorce provides support in two ways.  Click on the above to learn about support for kids and support for one of the parties.





Violence can dramatically alter what would otherwise be a simple divorce.  Click on the above violence tab.