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Ohio Elder Abuse

I am elderly and

I am the victim of elder abuse

Controlling your situation

Your first concern is the need to maintain control of the situation.

If your family is rushing to your aid, know that they each will come with their own version of what is in your best interest.  You need to set parameters.  You need to control the discussion.  If the situation is bad enough, inter-family conflicts can cause factions to form, each striving to control your life.  If the factions begin competing, less restrictive alternatives are shoved aside as the end game, often a guardianship, becomes their focus.

If a third party agency, such as Adult Protective Services, has become involved, hire counsel as soon as you can.  APS agents each have their own view of your situation and "your best interest" often does not coincide with what you think is in your best interest.  You need someone giving voice to your needs.

In both cases, those coming feel the need to change the way you live.  People are coming and often they are coming to remove your decision making capability.

Understand what is happening

First, the problem is the abuse, be it theft or otherwise.  Ending that might end the issues.  Try to keep the focus on the abuse, not the need to change the way you live.

There are many methods for attacking such a situation.  Find someone who is willing to give you a voice.  If you have no one, hire counsel.

What if someone suggests guardianship?

Guardianship is a huge step.  Guardianship is the sledgehammer of solutions.  It removes all ability to control your life and places those responsibilities into the hands of someone else.

A guardianship cannot be imposed if there are less restrictive alternatives.  And there are often many less restrictive alternatives.

Can I pick my guardian?

The court will make a decision regarding who will act as guardian.  That being said, you can have a substantial impact on who is appointed guardian if you act to execute certain papers that define your desires.  Call me!  440-777-1177.

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